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Mendeley Data is a place where researchers can upload and share their research data for free. It also offer an interface for searching for shared datasets.

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Field Value
DatasetFormat Various
DatasetReuseLicence Range of Creative Commons and open software licences. Clearly desplays this information for each dataset
DegreeOfDomainPertinence ***
EcoEvo Dataset Description You can browse the list of published datasets on In future, you will be able to search by keyword (within dataset contents or metadata), and browse by subject and a range of other attributes.
Language English, eng
Links true
MetadataFormat FAIR metadata layers of the FAIR Data Point, including W3C’s DCAT spec
MetadataReuseLicence @
Organisation Mendeley Data is a service provided by Mendeley Limited
Search interface webpage
Subject Animal ecology, Microbial ecology, Aquatic ecology, Terrestrial ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Climate studies, Macroecology, Urban ecology, Social evolution, Disease ecology, Plant ecology, Food webs, Evolutionary adaptation, Population genetics, Ecosystem functions, Spatial and landscape ecology, Community ecology, Phylogenetics, Evolutionary genetics, Evolutionary ecology, Biodiversity
system:type AggregatorOfDataRepositories
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Author Culina Antica
Maintainer Culina Antica
Version 1
Last Updated 9 December 2020, 15:19 (CET)
Created 24 April 2017, 16:42 (CEST)