DataMed is a prototype biomedical data search engine. Its goal is to discover data sets across data repositories or data aggregators

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Additional Info
Field Value
DatasetFormat Various
DatasetReuseLicence Consult the licensing or citation terms for the dataset you wish to reference. Allows for search based on the type of the licence
DegreeOfDomainPertinence ****
EcoEvo Dataset Description Allows for basic and advanced search (different possible facets), and filtering options. Tutorial @
Language English, eng
Links false
MetadataFormat The Data Tag Suite (DATS) metadata specification
MetadataReuseLicence NA
Organisation bioCADDIE (biomedical and healthCAre Data Discovery Index Ecosystem) is supported by the National Institutes of Health
Search interface webpage
Subject Animal ecology, Microbial ecology, Aquatic ecology, Terrestrial ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Climate studies, Macroecology, Urban ecology, Social evolution, Disease ecology, Plant ecology, Food webs, Evolutionary adaptation, Population genetics, Ecosystem functions, Spatial and landscape ecology, Community ecology, Phylogenetics, Evolutionary genetics, Evolutionary ecology, Biodiversity
system:type AggregatorOfDataRepositories
Management Info
Field Value
Author Culina Antica
Maintainer Culina Antica
Version 1
Last Updated 9 December 2020, 15:24 (CET)
Created 24 April 2017, 16:30 (CEST)