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Additional Info
Field Value
DatasetReuseLicence Depends on each repository
DegreeOfDomainPertinence *****
Language English, eng
Links true
MetadataReuseLicence CC-0
Search interface webpage
Subject Animal ecology
Subject Microbial ecology
Subject Aquatic ecology
Subject Terrestrial ecology
Subject Evolutionary ecology
Subject Conservation biology
Subject Behavioral ecology
Subject Climate studies
Subject Macroecology
Subject Urban ecology
Subject Social evolution
Subject Disease ecology
Subject Plant ecology
Subject Food webs
Subject Evolutionary adaptation
Subject Population genetics
Subject Ecosystem functions
Subject Spatial and landscape ecology
Subject Community ecology
Subject Phylogenetics
Subject Evolutionary genetics
Subject Evolutionary ecology
Subject Biodiversity
system:type DataSourceRegistry
Management Info
Field Value
Author Culina Antica
Maintainer Culina Antica
Version 1
Last Updated 10 December 2020, 11:53 (CET)
Created 10 December 2020, 11:46 (CET)